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jbeez215 said:

You reblog the same music artist a lot, do you make music ?

We are the artists that are playing on the page. We are getting back to our music. This is a two man crew. We post here and run other pages people don’t know about yet. We have a lot on our plate more music coming soon though.

Anonymous said:

Who were the girls who used to model your shirts? Kim and the other girl?

We had a few. Tiffany Luu from Guy Code etc, we also had kim dash, beautifullydope, and a few others we know from our area, We have new products coming soon. Be on the look out though

dalandofmilkandhoney said:

This is still one of my favorite blogs! Keep dropping that mother fucking heat my niggas!

Will do fam, we haven’t been on lately trying to build the IG back up! follow us OBSEXXEDMAGAZINE_

thenarwhalzuniverse said:

Is this a submission blog for photographers or a photographers blog?

You can always submit, We’re always looking for Women to post. As long as you have the models name so we can credit them if we don’t know who she is.

cocainesundae said:

how do you know of all these mami's bruh?!

We do our research, We acquired a fine taste in women throughout the years. Some we know and speak to, some we’re trying to get to know. 

tisxavier said:

Not a question, but ur blog.. I'm in love

Thank you sir, if you have Instagram follow ” OBSEXXEDMAGAZINE_ “


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